This is arguably the most important division of  TransSystems. It creates the backbone of the entire company. ETT crafts spaceships and spaceplanes for the company and commercial use.

ET vehiclesEdit

ET-1 Lunar Racer: (1993) 5-stage lunar colony passenger transport.                                                                                          

ET-1 Lunar Racer

The ET-1.

                                                     Stats:                                                                                                                                                                 Engines: Two solid HaES fueled boosters with 3,372,134 lbf (15000 kN) thrust combined. One HaELS liquid fueled rocket with 3,72,134 lbf (15000 kN) of thrust. Four HaEL standard liquid fuel rockets with 944197 lbf (4200 kN) thrust each. Two Rolls-Royce custom Rocket Kestrel retro-rockets with 112,404 lbf (500 kN).   

Weight: 4,810,420 lb

Stages: 5

Dimensions: Height; 321 ft. Width; 28.5 ft.

Use: Launched in 1993. Lunar exploration.                                                                                                    

ET-2 Spaceliner:High versatility reusable space transport and colony liner.

ET-2 Spaceliner


Engines: Many different types of engines can be fitted, but the main engine standard is:  2X HaE-4 M2 solid fuel booster rockets, and 1X HaE-3 M3 liquid fuel rockets.

Weight: 6,421,840 lb

Stages: usually 2

Dimensions:  Height; 210 feet. Width: 35 feet. Wingspan: 121 feet.

Use: Launched in 2000. Satellite and passenger transport.

ET-3 Solarwind M1: Interplanetary tour rocket.
ET-3 SolarWind

This is the ET-3 Model 1


Weight: 8,604,238 lb

Stages: 1

Dimensions: Height; 956 ft. Width; 99 feet (The ET-3's width is the same as a B-29 Superfortress heavy bomber's length.)

Use: Interplanetary tour

ET-4 Europa
ET-4 Europas


Engines: 4x HaE-10 M2 1798472 lbf (8000 kN) hyperactive ion/proton hybrid retro-blaster.

Weight: (Average) 6,700,000 lbs

Stages: 3

Dimensions: Average Height; 342 feet Width; 35 feet

Use: Launched in 2015. Lunar exploration.                                                                                                      ET-5 Red Rocket Mars module.

Red Vehicles

Red Rocket (in buggy mode) and LAT additional vehicle

Engines: 2X HaE-5 M2 Vortex drive 9442 lbf (42 kN) retro-rocket

Weight: 24000 lb

Stages: 1

Dimensions: Height; 10 feet. Width; 6 feet. Length; 24 feet.

Use: Launched in 2020.  Mars exploration ET-6 Model 3: 1 man private spacecraft

Engines: 3X HaE-10 M1 hybrid ion/proton rocket 1X HaE-5 M2 retro warp rocket.  
ET-6 Speedcruiser

Weight: 840,000 lb

Stages: 2

Dimensions: Height; 176 feet. Width: 17 feet. 

Use: Private space travel. Launched in 2024.