Gishner Accessories makes safety systems, armor plates, and other irems for TransSystems. Gishner was originally a seperate company, but in 2000 it was bought by TransSystems. 

Gishner SystemsEdit

ETA-1 Shocksoaker: Panels use to reduce shock.

ETA-2 Heatsoaker: Panels used to withstand heat of up to 2500 degrees F.

ETA-3 Heatsoaker Enhanced: Panels used to withstand heat of up to 4200 degrees F.

ETA-4 Heatsucker: Panels used to absorb heat for energy.

ETA-5 Heatsucker Enhanced: Panels that can literally suck any trace of heat and absorb it from miles away.

ETA-6 Reassurizer: Panels that reduce pressure.

ETA-7 Reassurizer Pressure Defyer: A special material that can withstand literally tons and tons of pressure.

ETA-8 VersaPanel: Normally spaceships would use layers of panels stacked on each other (each layer has a different purpose) but with Versapanels only one layer is needed. It can withstand high pressure, 2500 degrees F, and can absorb heat for energy. This way is cheaper and uses less materials.

ETA-9 UltraPanel: This is virtually the same concept as the ETA-8 but it can withstand more pressure and heat (3000 degrees F).