This is the TransSystems Co. logo.


TransSystems has always been interested in the objects here that were to the right.

Founder: Corin Buchalow

Current Owner: Caleb Hu

Quote: "We turn light years into light days."

Divisions: Red Planet Pioneers (hosts the Red Planet program), Extra Terrestrial Tech (ETT) (crafts spacecraft frames), Hyperactive Co. (crafts engines), Gishner Accessories (crafts safety panels), Juan-Cassar Aerospace Industries (crafts aircraft), RoboTech (crafts probes robotic arms, rovers and other unmanned space vehicles),

Facilities: The Headquarters is located in a small artificial island (The TransIsland) off the coast of Texas, to the right of Galveston.  

Launch pads: One is an island off to the right of TransIsland, another one is in the mainland, close to the facility, another one that is an island of to the left, and an emergency launchpad underground in the facility itself.

Corin BuchalowEdit

Corin Buchalow (1949-2028) was a smart man with many ideas. Being a Air Force pilot in the Vietman War, he was an expert in handling and designing planes.  He saw in person, as a college student, the liftoff of Apollo 11 Moon spacecraft. He worked for NASA for quite awhile as an aerospace engineer. In 1984, when he was 35, he started his own company, TransSystems. Since then, he has been very successful with his work. He is happy to acknowledge, that even after he retired in 2008, TransSystems has never had a loss of any astronaut whatsoever.

 Current status of TransSystems Co.Edit

TransSystems has been quite successful recently, and after it launched it's Red Planet program series, money has been pouring in. An especially popular part is the Red Planet: Ultimate Adventure tour. ET-2 sales have dropped, but private companies have been popularizing ET-3s and 4s. 

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