Juan-Cassar Aerospace Industries (the JCAI) was a commercial aircraft company that produced light civilian aircraft (similiar to Cessna and Piper). Buisness was not going well, so they were bought by TransSystems Co. in 1998.TransSystems Co. personale transformed the JCAI from just a civilian aircraft company into a large-scale jet craft, helicopter, and commercial airplane company.

JCAI aircraft (after it was bought by TransSystems)Edit

JCAI-1998 Mayfly: Army cooperation warplane                                                                                                               

Engines: 1X 680 hp Junkers Jumo 210Ea 2-cylinder inverted Vee engine 

Sp: 325 mph                                                                                                                                                                                           Dimensions:  Height; 10 feet. Length;  28 feet. Wingspan; 36 feet 

Arnament; (optional) 1 7.42mm machinegun.                                                           

JCAI-2000 Agilifly: Vectoring jets experimental jetplane

Engines: 1X Superfair EN37V vectoring thrust engine with 27202 lbf (121 kN) of thrust.

Sp: 1384 mph

Dimensions: Height; 16 feet. Length; 54 feet. Wingspan; 48 feet.

JCAI-2002 Dragonfly: Army cooperation warplane

Engines: 2X Packard V-1650-3 12 cylinder Vee engine with 1400 hp each.

Sp: 456 mph

Dimensions: Height; 15 feet. Length; 42 feet. Wingspan: 59 feet.

Arnament: 1 defensive 7.42mm machine gun