TransSystems, being so successful, has been quoted upon by many other people.


"TransSystems will literally transport people planet to planet and soon, system to system."  -Corin Buchalow, founder of TransSystems Co.

"TransSystems is the future generation of the present." -Caleb Hu, current owner and chief engineer and designer of TransSystems Co.

"NASA had many innovations, but none compare to the intrenuity of the launch-fire concept." -Collin Furest, journalist upon observing the newly made launch-fire ET-3 design.

"The Red Rocket had, I say, first-class service," - Thomas Sylvestor, well known millionnaire of Cambridge, England, upon returning from a Red Planet: Ultimate Adventure.

"I traveled aboard an Europa, and enjoyed every minute of it!" -John Lorentras, American space pioneer

"I have been given a civil tour of SpaceX and TransSystems, and I have seen great intrepidness in both companies."         -Travis Johman, New York Times reporter

"Great things will happen at TransSystems, but, personally of course, probably not as great as NASA."                         -Spacer Toren Qurser of the Belacland Aviation and Space Orginazation (BASO)